The Four Pillars Of Creating Excellence In Audio

  • May 9, 2015
  • By Somatone Interactive

Where in the creative process does work go from good to excellent? From excellent to extraordinary? Is an initial concept, or first step, the seed for excellent work? While a good seed idea is important, anyone can come up with great ideas. The reality in audio and music design is that the critical (and most difficult) work happens in the last 20% of the project. This final, key phase of the creative process often brings about subtle adjustments and intricate fine-tuning that can make all the difference in overall audio excellence and creativity.

Here are the Four Pillars of my creative process that allow me to get to excellence:

1. Plan it. Know what you’re creating. Have a plan for it. Also expect that what you start with will hardly ever be what you end with.

2. Aim High. Find inspiring references and use those as benchmarks. Aim to exceed.

3. Expect the Unplanned. Creating something astounding always takes longer and requires more work than you think. Anticipate that. Expect it. And leave room for it.

4. Challenge it. Get feedback on the work beyond yourself. There’s nothing as helpful as a fresh eye or ear on the work. Beware of falling into the trap of relying on feedback too much. Balance external feedback with gut instinct.

With these Four Pillars in mind—I aim to enjoy the creative journey toward excellence each and every time.

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