KingsRoad Sound Design Q&A With Michael Bross

  • May 9, 2015
  • By Somatone Interactive

1. What have you been working on for Rumble’s KingsRoad game over the past 18+ months?

We’ve been working on all audio aspects of the game, including the full range of sound design and music as well as character voices. In the early stages, we were also doing implementation (both remote and onsite).

2. What’s interesting and noteworthy about this game?

Many of our projects have one composer and 1 – 2 sound designers assigned, but with this, I’ve had a bigger team working on it. 3 of our composers along with 4 sound designers comprise the team that has worked on the project.

We created a wide-range of sound design which includes combat, spell, creature and world-based sounds.

3. The game is one of the higher-rated games on Facebook and Google store, with nearly 1 million players on FB alone. Why do you think it has been such a big hit?

The Rumble team is both a passionate and a highly skilled group. They bring together a unique combination of high production value and ease of accessibility.

4. What were some of your greatest creative challenges and achievements with the work on this project?

In the early stages, the development team was building the game at the same time they were building the tools to implement content. So, we were creating content and figuring out how to implement that content before the tools were mature enough to do so. At the same time, this was an exciting part of development because I was able to help shape the audio content pipeline.

5. What can people expect to experience when playing this game?

My recommendation is to check on the game itself. No reason not to! It’s free to play and easy to access!

Can be found on both Google:

And Facebook:

6. You said that it’s “quite beautiful for a browser-based game.” Please elaborate!

Well, that game is built partially on Flash technology which has its limitations, but the Rumble team created something amazing that broke the bounds of what I’ve ever seen anyone do with that technology. We tend to think of Flash games as simpler experiences, but that’s not the case here. They created something complex but still elegant and full of depth.

Listen here: