How Game Developers Can Leverage YouTube to Build Hype and Get Tractions For Downloads

  • May 9, 2015
  • By Somatone Interactive

You have a great finished game- with excellent production values.
What’s next?! Here are a few case studies that illustrate the importance of thinking ahead of the curve.

Using Youtube to showcase your game and its high-level production values is a great way to attract new players and a wider audience. Check out these cases-in-point:

Case 1 – “Minomonsters”

Since April of 2013, the game trailer cinematic has almost hit 1 million views and almost 4,000 comments.

This cinematic really does a great job showcasing the personality and character branding in the game. It feels and sounds like a polished game with immersive qualities of an animated series not a disconnected commercial trailer.

Case 2:
Another fantastic case study is the “Dumb Ways To Die Video”-

In this case , the developer launched the YouTube video before the game came out and the hype was overwhelming. It led to a smash hit for the mobile game. Again the character art and music were so memorable and catchy.

Lastly, case 3: – The Stanley Parable : “Raphael Trailer”

This Trailer has garnered 337,484 views since August, It’s a clever narrative featuring the look of the gameplay, and the voice-over is humorous, clever and satirical. The content speaks for itself ☺–listen and laugh.

Since marketing is such an important consideration, it’s best to keep these criteria in mind when strategizing for YouTube viral videos:

– What is the intent of your game ?
– What are your project’s goals?
– Think about the feel and personality of your game and how you want the world to view it.
– Weigh out the pros and cons of your strategic campaign
– Then go for it!!

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